mobiLEHIGH is Lehigh's first Mobile Game Development Competition! Games can be created for any mobile or tablet device, including those running on iOS, Android, and Windows 8. Any tool, language, and method is valid as long as the result can be played on a mobile device. The best rated games will win sweet prizes and swag at the closing event on March 28th!


  1. Teams are limited to 1-4 members and can be of any background, although experience in graphic design and programming are often very valuable.
  2. Each participant may only be a member of one team.
  3. Teams may only submit one game for final review.
  4. All game assets not created by the team must be freely available and follow the license dictated by the content creator. That means you cannot put Katy Perry's latest song in your game, but you could use public domain music or material under some forms of the Creative Commons license (as long as all conditions of the license are met).
  5. Any original material created for the game must be made by one of the team members.
  6. You may use any third-party libraries or frameworks that help with the development of the game as long as they are freely available, and the licensing of the software package you use is properly followed.
  7. Violence, profane language, and sexual content should be kept to a minimum. Your game will be rejected if it contains content the judges find to be unacceptable. A good guideline would be to design the game to not exceed the ESRB's description for 'Everyone 10+.' If you have any further questions about what is or isn't acceptable, please email
  8. Games must run on a mobile device or tablet. This includes, but is not limited to: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 (must have touch interface). If you have any questions related to platform, please email
  9. There are no restrictions on what development tools you can use.