Learn New Skills

Class is great, but it can't teach you everything. Courses at Lehigh focus on core programming concepts and theory, and unfortunately don't ever go much into practical applications. We're hoping to fill that gap by running a series of workshops where you'll learn skills like web development, game development, modern software engineering best practices and styles, and more that they don't teach you in the classroom!

Learn the essentials of using git, the industry standard for version control, from skilled students who have been using it for years! Diving in by yourself can be difficult, in our workshop we'll be available to work with you one-on-one to make sure you understand everything.
Web development has never been more important or more powerful, both in the tools at your disposal and in the wide reach you can have. Learn the skills necessary to master web development such as html, javascript, css, php, and more!
Ever had the perfect app idea but didn't have the skills to develop it? We'll show you everything you need to know from setting up your development environment to developing awesome Android applications and games.
Learn the skills and libraries you need to know to start off as a game developer! We'll teach you through examples how to program fun and engaging games.

Cool Events

Our events and hackathons bring together the programming community. Events are open to everyone, no matter what level of programming experience. The events are a great way to meet and learn from other programmers in the Lehigh community as well as a place where you can show off what you've learned and earn great prizes from sponsors such as Google, IBM, Lutron, and more!

LU Apps application development competition is a competition held in the fall where students develop and showcase an application. The application can be anything from a game to schedule planner, and there are prizes given out by many big name corporate sponsors!

MobiLehigh mobile game development competition is a competition held in the spring where students develop and showcase a mobile game. Everyone is encouraged to participate, not just programmers - games also need design, art, and story! Leading up to the event are several workshops on game development as well as several checkpoints to make the process as easy as possible. On the day of the showcase, students from the local middle school come to play the games and vote on their favorite, as well as judges from several companies.

Lehigh Hacks is a hackathon which was started just last year, but saw an amazing turnout and many great creations! You'll have 36 hours to work with a team to create an application, website, program, or whatever you'd like to create using technology provided by the many corporate sponsors! Last year IBM made available their Watson computing technology. The event includes free food and drinks, many prizes, tons of learning and networking opportunities, and a great experience!


Programming Club also represents Lehigh's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). As such, we participate in ACM events like the Intercollege Programming Competition (ICPC), where teams race to code the solutions to a series of logic puzzles.

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